Our Founder

Here you can find out more about our founder and how it all started.

Dr. Chijioke Chris Nwokolo (PhD).

Dr. Chijioke Nwokolo started his journey as a fervent advocate and dedicated caregiver for children with autism and related disabilities in 2008. His professional odyssey began at Autism Associates, now known as the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (CADD), where he served as an autism support worker and educational facilitator. Dr. Nwokolo applied a unique model approach crafted by Dr. Okey-Martins Nwokolo (BCBA, USA) in collaboration with the Autism Spectrum Adaptive Program (ASAP) from South Africa during his early years.

Over the years, he actively sought knowledge through various international training programs with focuse on autism and special education. In the summer of 2016, his quest for expertise led him to the United States, where he completed the TEACCH autism program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Additionally, he gained practical experience in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at the esteemed Carolina Center for ABA in Cary, North Carolina. Subsequently, in 2018, he traveled to United Kingdom (UK) where he successfully concluded an advanced certificate course in the TEACCH autism program conducted by Priorscourt school.

Despite his valuable experience with the Little Giant Steps intervention program in the USA, Dr. Nwokolo firmly advocates for the inclusive education system for children with autism and related disabilities. His efforts have resulted in the successful integration of several children into mainstream schools in Warri, Delta state of Nigeria.

Recently, he has actively engaged in autism advocacy initiatives, utilizing platforms like World Autism Day and radio broadcasts to raise awareness about autism in Nigeria. Notably, in 2010, he uncovered a remarkable talent in a ten-year-old child he was assisting, who demonstrated exceptional calendar calculation skills, establishing himself as an autistic savant—the sole child in Nigeria with such a demonstrated aptitude.

Dr. Nwokolo, who holds a PhD in medical/clinical biochemistry from a prestigious Nigerian university, embarked on groundbreaking research—the first biomedical study on autism in Nigeria. His research focused on investigating potential environmental triggers associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With the backing of the Micro Trace Mineral Laboratory in Germany, he facilitated free heavy metals testing for fifty Nigerian children with autism in 2017, significantly benefiting them.

Following years of successful collaboration with CADD Nigeria, Dr. Nwokolo recognized the necessity for expanded support catering to underprivileged clients unable to afford intensive services. This insight led to the establishment of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), culminating in the founding of Elim-Bridge Autism and Neurodevelopmental Foundation (EanF) in 2017. EanF has since evolved into a pioneering center for therapeutic services and a leading provider of autism support services in the Warri region of Delta State, Nigeria. The foundation prioritizes staff training to ensure the highest standards of professional service delivery, annually offering free assessments for many underprivileged children and highly subsidized fees for therapeutic interventions.

What we do

In collaboration with service providers and schools, we provide support for specialized educational programs and therapeutic interventions that are effective and tailored in meeting the challenges of children with autism and related disabilities in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria


Our Vision

To ensure every child with autism and related disabilities is given the right education and therapeutic treatment

Our Mission

To facilitate the integration of children with autism and related disabilities into mainstream schools where they would have opportunity to learn and model typical behavior

To provide support for the training of teachers, therapists, professionals, and parents for better understanding of autism spectrum disorder and how it impacts the children in the classroom and society at large.

To play leading role in autism research and advocacy, by pursuing and supporting research opportunities and creating awareness of autism in Nigeria​